The Demonization of Karl Rove


President Bush’s longtime political advisor is leaving the White House at the end of August and with it, ends his service for the President. Their association goes way back to the early nineties when George Bush ran for governor of Texas. In 1994, then Texas Governor Anne Richards was a very popular person in that state and her loss to Bush was truly a surprise for all. Four years later, Bush was re-elected as governor as Karl Rove ran his campaign again. In 2000, George Bush won the Presidential race thanks in great part to the strategic planning of Karl Rove and in 2004; the President was re-elected to the White House. These are facts that are well known to everybody who follows politics and is somewhat informed about what is going on in America.


Karl Rove has been referred to as a political genius and even the President called him “the architect” of his election victories. On the other hand, their political enemies have referred to Rove in the most vicious negative terms and unfortunately, so have members of the media on numerous occasions. The accusations against Rove have ranged from having “outed CIA employee Valerie Plame by leaking her name to the press”, having been the driving force behind the firing of eight Assistant U.S. Attorneys last year and the Democrats in Congress still want to have him testify to that under oath. The list of complaints against Karl Rove are endless and the reaction on the part of Democrats and media members to his resignation as Bush’s political advisor reflects their enormous dislike for him. We will just cite two small examples: Presidential hopeful John Edwards who as Vice-Presidential running mate to John Kerry became an election loser in 2004 when Bush won re-election stated: “Good bye and good riddance!” A staff writer for the San Diego Union Tribune, John Wilkins, wrote on the front page of that paper on August 14: “Karl Rove is one of the most divisive figures in politics, but yesterday he united Americans in a collective eye roll by announcing he’s leaving the White House to spend more time with his family.” His hit piece against Karl Rove continued.

We here at ‘Back to Common Sense’ have to ask the question: Why is it that the Democrats and their accomplices in the media always try to tie an election loss to their opponents to fraud, cheating and other illegal means? The answer is simple: They are unaccountable, irresponsible, faultless, and will never admit defeat in any way, regardless of how obvious it is to others!!

Let us make a comparison to another venue: Professional sports. Losses there result in to lesser earnings, fewer endorsements etc. So, do we hear golfers complain about Tiger Woods when he wins tournaments? Do they accuse him of cheating or intimidating his opponents? NO!  They are accountable, responsible, and will admit fault. 

Let’s take a competitive sport like tennis: Does the current top men’s tennis player, Roger Federer of Switzerland get accused by his opponents and others of cheating, of playing dirty or using unfair tricks when he beats them on the court? The answer is once again: No! Contrarily, they admire his skills and marvel at his talents as is the case with Tiger Woods. This does not mean that great number of Americans do not  admire underdogs and would like to see an upset here and there (and as happens in the real world often). But they do not smear or throw vitriol at these athletes. We could use multiple other examples where competition between manufacturing firms, car makers and others have strong supporters on all sides but do we ever hear a BMW dealer attack Mercedes Benz loyalists in mean spirited ways? No, we do not!

So, then, why is it that it happens in politics? The answer in our humble opinion is very simple and already stated above: There are sore losers borne out of a sense of entitlement! They are so enamored with their political ambitions and assumed superiority that they cannot believe it when they lose. So, they conclude that they were defrauded or cheated by their opponents. Now, it is one thing to lose and that goes for all who have something to win (including all professional athletes who hate nothing more than to lose) but that should not entitle them or drive them to smear and slime their opponents. And, unfortunately, that is what happens in the political arena. It is probably going on both sides of the political spectrum, the only major difference is that the vast majority of the media will echo the complaints by the Democrats more frequently and even side with them in editorials.

It is a shame that we have reached this level of vitriol and open hatred against people who are simply doing their job to the best of their ability and within the legal bounds of their specific assignments. And, of course, based on that ability and talent win elections. Does anybody doubt that, were Karl Rove proven to use any illegal means in winning elections through voter fraud or whatever, that the Democrats would not have found a way to indict him, convict him and have him serve in prison for his wrong doings? The answer to this question is also a resounding NO!

On the other hand, if Karl Rove would offer his services in the next presidential elections to the Democrats, does anybody think that they would not gladly accept his offer and pay him huge amounts of money for that? We believe they would love to have him on their side. But does that entitle them to smear and vilify him since he is not? He is being accused of dividing the country, being a divisive person and not uniting the country. Hello, how can anybody do that when the task at hand is to win by getting your candidate elected over the opposition? Does Roger Federer divide Europe or even the world by beating most of his opponents on the tennis court? Of course not and it should be like that in all competitions, even in the political arena!

This article and others on Back to Common Sense are designed to provoke further thought and investigation.   It is not the intent for the articles to be politically biased. Sources are referenced in each article to encourage readers to delve into the supporting material.  We welcome all readers to participate with their point of view either in support or contrary with additional information sources.


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