Stop Senseless and Irresponsible Election Sloganeering


As was the case during the last election in November 2006, we can expect soon a constant drumbeat of so called ‘Sloganeering’ for the upcoming ones in 2008, the primary and general elections. If you might remember last year’s top slogans on behalf of the Democrats were “Its time for change’ and ‘Let’s end the culture of corruption’, a reference to the way the Republicans were running things in Congress. This was definitely not the first time that the public was exposed to these types of bumper sticker slogans; in fact, it has been done for as long as there have been elections. Generally, there is nothing wrong with it and some of them are powerful and effective and many can even be called cute. They serve the purpose of delivering a message to potential voters and are part of America. The funny ones are more often than not remembered for a long time after such elections. They are also simple yet effective tools in delivering a candidate’s message.

But our attention is drawn to the meaningless ones where it generalizes a message that cannot be supported with simple reasoning. We cannot predict when these types of slogans will appear in the media, in speeches by candidates and their supporters and then everybody will repeat them irrespective of how empty they are in terms of content. And before you know it, people will seriously not only consider voting on the basis of this but probably also vote accordingly.

We are concerned about the ones that will say:

  • ‘It is time for a woman in the White House’ or
  • ‘It is time to elect a woman as President’. The same holds true for
  • ‘It is time for an African American to be President’ or for that matter
  • ‘It is time for a Hispanic to be President’, or how about
  • ‘It is time for a Mormon to be President’.

These types of slogans are absolutely empty; in fact, they insult the intelligences of everyone. It says that we, the average voters, have been prejudiced against these types of individuals in the past and should therefore vote for these candidates now. How stupid do the promoters of this nonsense think we are?

When we vote in Presidential elections every four years, we should be looking at the candidates and determining whether or not they are qualified to be President. Do the candidates bring to this highest office in the country the type of abilities to fill this job? Are the candidate’s at a minimum of the caliber that they could handle the responsibilities that come with this position? What have the candidates shown us in the past in terms of leadership, clarity in vision, analytical analysis, firmness in decision making and so on that we can believe he or she will deserve our votes? Will the candidate of our choice deliver on the promises and plans that he/she has espoused?

But to say that we should elect someone to be President of the United States based on gender, ethnic background or religion is absolutely ludicrous. This office is not to be filled with someone in any group whose time has come. If this were the case, how would we prioritize whom to vote for? Is it more overdue to elect a woman than an African American to be President? Ask yourself the question: How would I prioritize and you find out quickly how stupid this argument is.


Nor should we attempt to follow other countries leads; when Britain voters elected Margaret Thatcher, the Germans Angela Merkel, the folks in India Indira Ghandi or the Israelites Golda Meir they did so because they believed those individuals to be best qualified to fill these highest of elected positions. They most certainly did not think in India at the time: “What the heck, let’s elect Indira Ghandi because it’s time for a woman!”


There is in our opinion no entitlement to the presidency as is for any other elected position. The person getting our votes should be looked at strictly through the prism of qualification, no matter how wide ranging our views are in America. We all, if we can think for ourselves, have different priorities and that is perfectly all right, after all, we live individual lives and see things from our own perspective but to place a vote on the basis of deservedness and membership in a given class or group of people is wrong!


To demonstrate this idiocy, we will take it one step further and suggest a few more of these senseless slogans for your consideration and (hopefully) amusement, just to prove the point:


       It’s time to elect for President a: 

  • Plumber
  • General

  • Bricklayer

  • Teacher

  • Homosexual

  • Union boss

  • Scientist

  • Landscaper

  • Hotel manager

  • Medical Doctor

  • Dentist

  • Banker

  • Movie Star

  • Rap Artist

You get the drift, we think. All these above categories are equally ridiculous choices for the Presidency, based on their professions or lifestyles in and of themselves. That is the main reason we suggest to voters to ‘Think for Themselves’ and come ‘Back to Common Sense’ as our website promotes. Do not be swayed by mindless slogans or positions propagated by media elitists and supporters of candidates that fall into those categories.

This article and others on Back to Common Sense are designed to provoke further thought and investigation.   It is not the intent for the articles to be politically biased. Sources are referenced in each article to encourage readers to delve into the supporting material.  We welcome all readers to participate with their point of view either in support or contrary with additional information sources.


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