It is Time for Congressional Term Limits!

November 4, 2007


Ten days ago, we posted on this site an article written by Mr. Nelson Walker, a guest contributor wherein he made very strong arguments in favor of Congressional Term Limits. In fact, Read the rest of this entry »


A Natural Disaster without Blame

October 30, 2007


Who would have thought after Hurricane Katrina that a natural disaster could occur that cannot be blamed on President George W. Bush? Believe it or not, it just happened in Southern California. The wildfires between Malibu and the Mexican border have caused Read the rest of this entry »

Twisting the true meaning of Hate Crimes

October 25, 2007


Hate crimes have been around for thousands of years. Infamous examples are among many others the Roman persecution of Christians, the Nazi “final solution” for the Jews and in recent times, the “ethnic cleansing” in Bosnia and the genocide in Rwanda. These bias motivated crimes targeted Read the rest of this entry »

The Dilemma of Senator Craig

October 14, 2007


Senator Larry Craig, a Republican from the State of Idaho made headlines in late August of this year when it was revealed that he had pled guilty to misdemeanor charges against him for his behavior in a men’s room at the International airport in Minneapolis-St. Paul some time in June. Without going into Read the rest of this entry »

The ‘Phony Soldiers’ Brouhaha

October 10, 2007


The best description of this story is probably: ”Much to do about nothing!” While it is truly laughable for those of us who are smart enough to check out the facts, it is equally sad to Read the rest of this entry »

Our ‘heartless’ President

October 5, 2007


President Bush has just been given another attribute: He is heartless! The list of previously stated unflattering descriptions of him is long but now he is heartless too. The reason for Read the rest of this entry »

More on Global Warming, part 2 of 2

October 1, 2007


It has to be said that the topic of Global Warming has been brought to the attention of almost everybody who has access to news, regardless of where they live on this planet. It has been debated ad infinitum for several years now and the main reason it is still on the front burner on a daily basis is because it has been disputed whether or not it is man made or a natural occurrence. While the scientific community Read the rest of this entry »