More on Global Warming, part 2 of 2

October 1, 2007


It has to be said that the topic of Global Warming has been brought to the attention of almost everybody who has access to news, regardless of where they live on this planet. It has been debated ad infinitum for several years now and the main reason it is still on the front burner on a daily basis is because it has been disputed whether or not it is man made or a natural occurrence. While the scientific community Read the rest of this entry »


Man-Made or Natural – Part 1 of 2

September 26, 2007


As time is passing, it is amusing to see who else is getting on the bandwagon by making statements advocating Man – Made Global warming. In the latest group are such persons as Pope Benedict XVI who has called action on climate change a “moral obligation”, Read the rest of this entry »

Impressions from Across the Pond, Part 1

July 20, 2007

A two and a half week long visit to Germany and the Czech Republic in June allowed my wife and me to get a more direct insight into the lives of family members, friends and strangers we met during our visit. The trip was a wonderful experience since we were welcomed everywhere and the weather played along perfectly. We even experienced a heat wave whereby temperatures reached into the 90’s and the experience was special in that we were coping with these temperatures while staying in homes and hotels without air-conditioning and window screens. But we had a great time and the trip gave us lasting memories to cherish for some time.

But this is not the purpose of this article. Our visit to those countries allowed us a glimpse into the major issues, lifestyles, and interests and concerns of the general population and of course, their political systems. Read the rest of this entry »

Impressions from Across the Pond, Part 2

July 13, 2007


While we focused entirely on Germany in our last article, we will enlarge our view to Europe as it looks today from a political point of view. Dreams and plans for a united Europe have existed ever since World War I, nearly one hundred years. Some were borne out of the United Sates of America model as history tells us, these dreams remained just that…dreams! Not until about six to ten years after the Second World War did some countries in central Europe take action. By signing the treaty of Rome in 1957, the six nations of Read the rest of this entry »

Carbon Credits not Making Sense? Follow the money!

April 4, 2007


Since December 4 of last year, we have posted five articles on Global Warming by trying to understand the issues surrounding them and we invite you to read them again here. Global Warming is reportedly the primary force driving this nearly inevitable disaster that will befall our planet this century if we, the human race do not take drastic steps and measures to avoid it and reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions (CO2) into our atmosphere. We have tried to understand the accuracy of the statements made by those who are convinced that Global Warming will doom us all if we continue with our current lifestyles. We have also questioned their arguments by citing scientists, climatologists, other experts and others who have made strong arguments to the contrary using logic and examples that while global warming might be occurring, humans do not necessarily cause it. Greater than normal solar activity by the sun can be the main reason for this warming trend. Read the rest of this entry »


March 13, 2007

Gerry Van der Plas is a frequent reader and an occasional contributor to our blog.  He is not one that follows popular belief, but will take the time to assemble facts to form his own opinions, and has done so here.  His sources are clearly identified and he encourages all readers to research his data further. 

“Garbage in – Gospel out”

Don’t rush to reduce CO2 levels

I borrowed the above phrase ”Garbage in–Gospel out” from James P. Hogan, author of  “Kicking the Sacred Cow” James P. Hogan is the Super Star of Science Fiction, and can really separate the Fiction and facts. His opinions are based on hard core science and historical facts.  Read the rest of this entry »

Hypocrisy in the Global Warming Debate

February 21, 2007


As the topic of Global Warming (Climate Change for some of us) continues to rage on, one thing in all this becomes crystal clear: Anybody who still doubts the seriousness of “human caused” Global Warming and its catastrophic consequences must either be stupid, obstinate, intentionally ignorant of reality or any combination of these three qualities. Ever since the recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC for short, was issued on February 2, 2007, the facts are indisputable. Columnist George Will’s article in Newsweek magazine of February 12 itemizes these truths very precisely. There is no more need for debate on this subject.

Various self-appointed Global Warming (GW) gurus are becoming more direct when questions are being raised about the cause of this phenomenon. Former Vice-President Al Gore, one of the leading men on this will issue immediate memberships to the ‘Flat Earth Society’ to those who would still want to have more conclusive facts about GW before they sign on to it. These people, according to the gospel of Al Gore are just plain morons! Another journalist  (see Ellen Goodman article) calls the so-called ‘Global warming deniers’ equal to the ‘Holocaust deniers’. This is incredibly arrogant and pompous but it does not stop there. When there are just a few days of unusual warm temperatures in New York in early January, it is proof of Global Warming. When there is now extreme cold weather in the north and east of the States (with up to nine feet of snow in some places) for a couple of weeks, we are being told not to read anything into it. Global Warming is a fact! This is total hypocrisy on their part. The old adage: “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander” does not apply here as far as they are concerned.

The San Diego Union Tribune in its issue on February 2 had a front-page article about the IPCC report and to underscore the seriousness of the current dire conditions, a photo of a smoke-belching power plant, blocking out the sun was shown for effect. The article highlights up front that America is the world’s leading contributor to CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and we better do something about it. The only problem was that the photo was taken somewhere in China. Now this is pure hypocrisy on the part of the media!

What this article for example did not state is the fact that China will construct about 2200 new coal plants by year 2030. This equates to starting up a new coal plant every four days. To top it off, spokesmen for China’s government tell the world to leave them alone and that we, in the industrial nations should start setting good examples. By the way, China was never part of the famous Kyoto Protocol nor was India, another country with improving economies.

The arguments by the proponents of the “human caused” Global Warming reality are getting nastier by the day. For instance, they have sort of upped the stakes in discussions by stating that they rely on data from “top scientists.” The other side merely relies on data from run of the mill scientists. The GW gurus are also refusing to debate this any further and get angry when questioned about it. The facts are in, time for debate is over, and we have to do something about it! 

Other research is immediately discredited as bunk or hogwash and this appears to be like the old familiar adage: Do not try and confuse me with facts, I have made up my mind! The arguments of noted and longtime climatologists such as Professor Dr. Timothy Ball’s recent article from February 5, 2007 and other well-reputed experts on the subject are called simply obstructionists and contrarians. This is in a way very sad. What personal benefits do these scientists gain by questioning the so-called “truth” about the Climate Change phenomenon and desiring to continue the debate in finding the true causes of Global Warming? The answer is nothing; other than being discredited and smeared. This is especially appalling when this criticism comes from people (such as politicians and non-experts) who only repeat what they have been told by those scientists who’s answers they like. What educational background does any current or former United States Senator or any other elected official have to even debate this topic intelligently? The answer can be given in one word: NONE!

Enter the term “Agenda”

Whether or not one personally knows what to believe on this issue, it becomes clear that there is something more behind this than simple concern for the future of planet Earth. The ferocity and shrillness in the arguments by the GW proponents when some people would like to see more facts and answers to questions they might still have, is getting clearer and easier to understand. Are they concerned over the melting icebergs, starving polar bears, future draughts, constantly rising temperatures on the planet and the potential rise in sea levels in one hundred years from now?

No, it is driven by an agenda! An agenda that is not being brought to the fore because it is right now still very dangerous to talk about specifics on restricting life styles and raising taxes. But have no doubt about it, it will not take long before some “courageous” politicians propose a Climate Change Tax to fight Global Warming. This will affect us all when a formula will be devised to restrict our current consumption levels of power, whether it is driving automobiles or simply reducing our electricity allotments in our homes or apartments. Some Assemblyman in California has already introduced a bill to replace all incandescent light fixtures with fluorescent ones. This is nothing we could not accept but this is how it starts. Small changes first and then come the big ones, the ones that will hit us in the pocketbooks and restrict our lifestyles.

What is absolutely incredible in this current debate is the total absence of common sense in that data for millions of years of significant climate changes is not only ignored but also considered irrelevant. For example, when the Vikings first traveled to a distant place about one thousand years ago, they called it Greenland because it was, you guessed it: GREEN. They lived there for some time and succeeded in agriculture and only gave it up when it got colder, a lot colder. This was the so-called Little Ice Age that existed for a few hundred years thereafter and did not end until some time in the middle of the 17th century.

It is hypocritical on the part of most of the media to participate in the discussion on this issue by taking the side of the Global Warming proponents. What do they have to gain by shutting out the critics of this argument? Should the media not be in the front line in defense when it comes to free speech as guaranteed by the second amendment of the U. S. Constitution? Should the media not be expected to support free and open debate from all sides on this as on any other topic? Has the media not learned anything from the false accusations made some years ago against DDT? They supported its ban only to see a reversal after untold millions had died from malaria during the ban by the World Health Organization last year.

Supporting the current hype for having to accept responsibility by us humans for the ever- growing threat to this planet by the increase of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere on the part of the media is a new height of irresponsibility. They, the media should seek a much broader and public debate of all the issues involving climate change. We here at ‘Back to Common Sense’ like to hear more about the Pro’s and Con’s on this subject instead of being offered memberships to the Flat-Earth Society by Al Gore and his ilk. A report by the IPCC that is put together under questionable circumstances in private by a certain group of scientist is not good enough for us and not at all acceptable. Especially if it concludes that quote: It is now very likely” that Climate Change is caused by us human beings. Five years ago, they concluded that it was “likely” that we were responsible. To ignore the impact of CO2 emissions by active volcanoes and wildfires worldwide among other such natural occurrences over which we have no control, is pure hypocrisy and can only lead to doubt even more the true objectives of the doomsayers of Global Warming. Common sense should guide us all to have more intelligent discussions about this topic.

This article and others on Back to Common Sense are designed to provoke further thought and investigation.   It is not the intent for the articles to be politically biased. Sources are referenced in each article to encourage readers to delve into the supporting material.  We welcome all readers to participate with their point of view either in support or contrary with additional information sources.