Our ‘heartless’ President

October 5, 2007


President Bush has just been given another attribute: He is heartless! The list of previously stated unflattering descriptions of him is long but now he is heartless too. The reason for Read the rest of this entry »


Stop Senseless and Irresponsible Election Sloganeering

September 21, 2007


As was the case during the last election in November 2006, we can expect soon a constant drumbeat of so called ‘Sloganeering’ for the upcoming ones in 2008, the primary and general elections. If you might remember last Read the rest of this entry »

The General versus Congress

September 14, 2007


The eagerly awaited opening statement and progress report to Congress by Four-Star General David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, and Ambassador Ryan Crocker on the status of the military and political situation in Iraq is history. The two of them briefed the members of the House of Representatives Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees on Monday, September 10 and on the following day the members of the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees. Read the rest of this entry »

The Universal Health Insurance Scam

September 9, 2007


A recent report released by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities states that over 47 million Americans have no health insurance, a whopping 15.9 percent of the current population in the United States. This is naturally alarming and Read the rest of this entry »

Presidential Candidate Pandering and Hypocrisy

September 6, 2007


If we could assume for purposes of making a point here that if by some unusual action it would become unlawful to pander to constituents in Presidential elections, it would mean that there could currently be NO Presidential race! In simpler words: Read the rest of this entry »

Uselessness of Polls

August 30, 2007


There is rarely a day when we are not being told by the media about the latest poll results about any kind of issue, be it nationwide, statewide or local. And like the vast majority of people, we read them and waste no time Read the rest of this entry »

The Demonization of Karl Rove

August 23, 2007


President Bush’s longtime political advisor is leaving the White House at the end of August and with it, ends his service for the President. Their association goes way back to the early nineties when George Bush ran for governor of Texas. In 1994, then Texas Governor Anne Richards was a very popular person in that state and her loss to Bush was truly a surprise for all. Four years later, Bush Read the rest of this entry »