Welcome to our ‘common-sense themed’ website. We are Kurt Poser, Klaus Kirchhoff, and other like-minded individuals that believe strongly in getting back to basics, i.e; applying common sense in a non-partisan or ideological way to issues in our world. Too many people do not take the time to think for themselves while getting news from today’s many media outlets.

It is our objective to take a second look at some of the stories and question their validity and accuracy. Too often we find, by considering the source, that hidden motives and even certain agendas drive these topics and put irresponsible slants and spins on them. All we ask is that our site’s visitors be open-minded and apply rational reasoning instead of outright rejection based on personal biases.

We invite contributions from individuals who share our basic premise and attempt to have people start “thinking for themselves”. With this, we mean especially to reach the younger (school and college age) generations by having them consider related facts, who wrote, and potential motivations behind what was written.

Extreme, unrelated or offensive postings will not be tolerated. Please remember the theme of this Blog: Be courteous, factual, and logical with your postings.


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